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Merchant Marco Hotel is a star-leveled business hotel located in the uptown area of Hangzhou city. The hotel is constructed in Italian style, providing the atmosphere of Europe for its guests. Due to the great location next to the beautiful West Lake, the hotel offers breathtaking views for the guests from morning till night. People can appreciate the wonderful night views of West Lake in the guestroom with their dear ones...More Details>>

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  • fawenla
    Flight to Hangzhou, and overall feel of the hotel was good not far from West Lake. Hangzhou 4 star hotels should be regarded as relatively good, if further progress at the hope hotel services and actions.
  • booby001
    Very good hotel, with children sent toothpaste, toothbrushes and cups, room with children's slippers and bathrobe, is thoughtful. geographical location is very convenient, went to the West Lake side only need about ten minutes. Once satisfied with the accommodation.
  • E01998015
    Facilities while some older, but still is very well equipped and clean. accidental access to free up room, window overlooking the Lake. hotel guests have donated paintings, can select their own small gallery on the first floor, and ink landscape painting, only mounting fees. the selection of the paintings and the mood is good, and unexpected surprise.
  • e00927828
  • e00135412
    Service very good! environment or is the room feels small points!
  • Andrew889
    Service was very good, very close to the West Lake.
  • amayjiong
    Environmental health and geographical location, are good! just stay, breakfast didn't taste, try tomorrow
  • ajsun23
    Big bed room a lot of at least two metres, and the bed is very soft and comfortable
  • mbawy
    Has been very good
  • binglifu
    Very nice, good location, breakfast, nice baby very happy. room amenities while the old is still pretty warm, there was a big column, room a bit small, lead did not dare to call the crib, no place to put it ... will stay again, all five-star
  • ylswww
    Good location, near the West Lake, 10 minutes ' walk ... service was good, the waiter with the luggage, luggage and so reflects the star service. overall satisfaction. the next opportunity will stay.
  • a262449876
    Elegant, bright of the hotel a home away from home.?
  • beautyflora
    Great hotel every detail will do very well there's nothing perfect Hangzhou lived it every time you come
  • bbc1129
    Surrounding environment and from the Lake near
  • rogeryj1981
    Good location, went to the West Lake fountain was only three minutes, is near from the shopping street, within walking distance you can ... room was very clean and tidy, facilities are very well equipped, very clean, reasonable price.
  • panglin
    Too old
  • yuri1989517
  • e00172210
  • fanfan_6989
    Hotel facilities are OK, 11 prices artificially high, but can understand.!
  • ovvio
    Famous star hotel is great to shop directly at the front desk upgraded room
  • lx0532
    Ok booking quite easy but need to wait email to confirm
    Good location, West Lake in close proximity, management services can, little Hall, general satisfaction
  • gancao7
    Family holiday, choose convenient location Central hotel. the Marco Polo hotel has all the conditions to West Lake, 15 minutes ' walk, next to a lot of shopping malls, shopping and dining convenience.
  • d02305581
    All right
  • alasdair
    Hotel location is good looking, friendly, convenient, and will continue to stay next time.
  • linminxy
    Very nice environment. excellent cost performance.
  • gongmy
    Distance is close to the Lake, walk about twenty or thirty minutes, concept of taste, the new White Hart restaurant near the Department store, hotel health very good, service was good, the price is not expensive, complete facilities, recommended!
  • jiang1ju
    Or very satisfied.
  • cinderellalee1
    Hotel is not good, a bit dated, the indoor environment is very good, the breakfast is also very good. walk 500 meters to the Lake downstairs. commercial good. it is regrettable that clause lake view was a little further away, there is a large building stands.
  • E00732098
    Which is very nice
  • xumin_iris
    Go to Hangzhou every year will be a place to live, comfortable environment, recommended. comfortable environment, convenient easy to find, friendly, good facilities, clean and tidy.
  • suallen1983
    Well, next time will choose to continue.
  • e00232019
    Is is four star hotel, but General Service comparable five-star, first most main of is health is clean. sheets, pillowcase is white, like is new with soon of. toilet in also with water device, wash sent bathing are is Lux of, also has wash liquid, details do of are is in place. also gift has fruit and candy, although didn't eat, but also think is intimate. service attitude also is excellent, hotel a floor has to Atlas on travel play is has help. also breakfast also also good, restaurant is clean, food also isElegant hotel not far from the Lake, nearby there are Metro and bus stops, travel facilities. from Xiaoshan airport taxi costs more than more than 100, take a taxi to Lingyin Temple is 27, xixi wetland is about 40, are for reference only. Overall very satisfied. highly recommended!
  • joycelili
    Parent-child outings, all aspects of the hotel were very satisfied!
  • Alanwung
    Nice hotel, good location, West Lake walk 15 minutes satisfaction!
  • grant699
    The location is very good! high performance-price ratio
  • e02768303
    Very good! look outside the hotel is not fancy, but the hardware and software within the hotel are very good!
  • antni9607
    Hotel facilities, feeling very warm, is the room is a bit small
  • emmaif
    Very clean, room is a bit small, I am Executive floor
  • sjbw2005
    Nice near from the West Lake, walking around free, breakfast also OK
  • alicegao80
    Very satisfied
  • lvpeng0827
    Very not happy of once staying experience, first said personnel of quality. just drive to hotel of front door parking, parking administrator on to beat door, urgent with to received money. first not said parking on hotel live guest charges reasonable not reasonable, such urgent ROAR ROAR received money, lack most at least of service personnel of quality. staying hotel, due to unfortunately was arrangements in West of first between House, room very hot, air conditioning open to temperature minimum, room floor measured temperature over 28 degrees, and hotel QianDesk, front desk said this afternoon, the sun heat, of course, not heat all the curtains, this is a wonderful excuse, why not put all that hotel room into a windowless room? Finally, in coordination with the Assistant Manager to replace the room. Talk about rooms, no free water in the room, nongfu charge 5 Yuan a bottle, the hotel is so stingy with their services? as for drinking water, is the chicken, put out a smell of bleach,Two bottles of water, a room more than a day, the actual efficiency is much better than the straight potable water. the bidet in the bathroom is wonderful, really wants to make the hotel itself to try, and I believe that this investment in and the installation of a Washlet is not much worse. why such a practical thing. Finally said that the coupon says Fang Kali entrainment, say is a coupon you can get a free picture. This is superfluous, does not give customers a favor, do not send customers but will notDisgust. take this voucher to the hotel's art gallery, said to be sent you a picture to 50-60 Yuan at least, can take home, under various pretexts, its called framed charges. really is framed it, is made of hard cardboard box, premium 60, never framed picture sorry, no ... This is fraud!
  • vivian619
    Good location, only a few minutes walk from West Lake, around much of CCP, cost-effective ultra-high, also sent a delicious PEAR, sound insulation hygienic environment is da stick, go to Hangzhou in the future, will stay at this.
  • asong
    Nice, nice, next time business or living here.
  • miranda22
    From the Lake near, find, but old facilities, the rooms are very small, is the son of, there is no way. hotels are similar, I think is not worth the price.
  • aooicom
    From the scenic area close, convenient, suitable for self-driving. family travel comfortable and convenient.
  • cy123321
    Hotel location is OK, Lung Cheung Road, rail subway station can see, within ten minutes ' walk to the Lake, quite a few breakfast downstairs, very convenient, hotel also sent two fruits a day, service was good, only lower is the price, nothing landscape at all, but overall pretty good!
  • pyj69215
    Hotel is actually the Lux shampoo and shower gel, on the grade.
  • a07939
    Good location, convenient facilities and room is old.
  • excite
    Although often live hotel, but rarely reviews, but this hotel really of very good, check out of day afternoon are drive in highway Shang received hotel phone, said is I of charger forget in hotel has, to I has a phone, let I sent address, because in drive down phone Hou also didn't how remember. later wants to wants to forget's that on don't has. results two days Hou and received hotel phone let I sent address. himself think is moved of, everything, a hotel can do such onHas been very good, not to mention the store was very good in hardware and software.