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Hangzhou Marco Polo Holiday Hotel (Merchant Marco Hotel Hangzhou), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.En 2013, toutes les chambres d 'amis ont été entièrement rénovées, équipées d' une salle de stérilisation, humidificateur, couvercle de toilettes intelligent.'Br br c 'est un hôtel commercial de style européen, géré par la société Marco Polo Hotel Management, a remporté le' prix Vénus de l' hôtel chinois ',' la satisfaction des touristes des entreprises de services 'et d 'autres distinctions.L 'hôtel 'br est un style italien qui reflète le style européen, la vie verte, la haute qualité, la liberté romantique'.Chambre spacieuse et chaleureuse, équipée de literie de haute qualité et de produits de bain de pointe.L 'hôtel est équipé d' un autre restaurant chinois, d 'un restaurant chic, d' un tunnel italien de pizza, d 'un café méditerranéen, d' un banquet de luxe panlake, d 'une boutique, de salles de conférence et de grands garages souterrains, etc.
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  • lynn7225
    Dad is satisfied, the room was warm, good value for money.
  • jason_jiang423
    Hotel of location also is is good of, walk can to silver Thai Mall shopping, Metro station, also can walk to Lake around. at two o'clock in the afternoon more to said originally set of room also to a hours only clean good, if know room has has guest reservation, should on cannot agreed live of people late check out, didn't want to, had to increases room; hotel provides rose,, can see Lake King, this processing worth is good, said hotel management also is good of. is like toilet of bathtub and shower at of design. not know is for thisSeasonal reasons, room very stuffy, open air conditioning was useless, when we go to some hot; the overall value for money was good.
  • cls_02
    Hotel room you can see West Lake, walking is also very near, very convenient
  • petyfu
    OK ... Nice. fruit gifts.
  • faye1012
    Very good hotel, the traffic is convenient.
  • jamesbond
    From the Lake near areas, gourmet shops in the vicinity
  • duyuanyuan0220
    Good good good good good good
  • aaa66964098
    Unknown liquor shop why in online of score so by Qian, this times staying no reached I of expectations, weekend 14:30 P.M. arrived in hotel, was front desk told scheduled of room also in clean, needed, 10 minutes, so patience waiting for, considers first is one hours, in I of repeatedly asked Xia, finally to arrangements has room. However room of health status is General, TV remote control touch up stick stick of, should is eat fruit like legacy of stains, bedside table Shang alsoSimilarly, cleaning is not in place. service personnel or the legend of enthusiasm, this is my holiday hotel experiences in the last year ranked the lowest, not superstitious scores on the Internet. In conclusion, the hotel cost is not high, will not consider staying.
  • daisuliang
    And we think it's great
  • dreamfly26
    Surrounding are also good
  • m01486999
    That's good
  • dclient
    Bi-annual trip to Hangzhou will hotel room, long-term friendly, convenient, walk 10 minutes to the West Lake, and went shopping at the nearby yintai. This helped me upgrade the business big bed room fun
  • dawang110
    Which is very nice
  • pennywu1001
    Nice hotel
  • alisa730
    That's good
  • e00214111
    Near the Metro station and the West Lake scenic area, and around convenience, location. package with buffet, buffet lines. air conditioner central air conditioning in the hotel, some old, adjusting for a long time and doesn't work, may be the overall control of the hotel, and sleep at night cause some heat.
  • E04574685
    Good location, hotel facilities are complete, fast service
  • baby0021
    Very good
  • xiaojiangyuer
    Good location, some old, location is quite convenient
  • fxf0001
    Health needs improvement, décor is nothing like four star standard, too old, service is very general. power control off in the room didn't even toilet lights, midnight to do, big bed room small to no, completely worth the price.
  • sc_015
    6666 do not
  • ada_fen
    Good location, good health, and facilities is relatively lagging behind a bit.
  • lancy423
    The location is good, but not very good sound insulation. send fruit bad, but the service or something good.
  • adrian_ji
    Very good location, close to the Lake and very close to the Lake District. the smoke-free environment is also very good.
  • allen359
    Setting windowless room, feel fine. bed is very big, very clean and quite comfortable to sleep. good breakfast variety, also a lot of delicious beverages-selective.
  • celement
    Hotel is very good, will definitely stay again and recommend it to everyone
  • ffall
    All are good, near the West Lake is the key ... ... HA HA
  • abaolulu
    No free mineral water and a razor, no swimming pool, well
  • e02203606
  • simper1
    Location is very convenient, is the room was a bit small, no window.
  • polytictac
    Hotel facilities in some old, convenient
  • binglinger43
    Regular hotel room, everything just fine, is this fall in a book, how can not find it
    Good very good
  • bolixin0214
    Conveniently, the environment is clean, service was very good ... recommended.
  • dudu139
    Hotel is located, 10 non-smoking deluxe room was very small, beds and desks stretched between chairs cannot be passed.
  • yuxinbox
    On behalf of the set, good reviews
  • sososun
    Very good
  • fion813
    Nice. good location, live here all the time, good service, convenient traffic.
  • baobeierjinya
    From the West Lake scenic area close to dinner to play is very convenient
  • Not so bad
    Hotel of location is good of other what are no too poor has hotel of location is good of other what are no too poor has hotel of location is good of other what are no too poor has hotel of location is good of other what are no too poor has hotel of location is good of other what are no too poor has hotel of location is good of other what are no too poor has hotel of location is good of other what are no too poor has hotel of location is good of otherNothing too bad
  • redabe
    Near the Metro station and the West Lake scenic area, and around convenience, location. package with buffet, buffet lines. only about 10 minutes walk to West Lake! hotel's health also does a very good job
  • lutas
    Nice, free fruit every day and the waiter was very good, problems can be resolved quickly.
  • bianxiao1
    Convenient, near the West Lake, convenient to the train station
  • liuyongjian69
    Location good, street straight line not to 10 minutes on to has Lake side Shang. along the store many, shopping convenient, dinner also convenient. room comfortable, service good. to children sent of wash supplies and small slippers and warm, children is like. next of airport bus also is near, walk 3 minutes. buffet also can, is three paper fish supply insufficient, haha. personal recommended.
  • asterer
    From the West Lake is near, location is good, easy to ride
  • eia0703
    Old hotel, use the Lux shampoo, the flushing of the toilets have a special nozzle, lived was very comfortable, room was feeling a little, and do not include breakfast, buffet also said 100 reduction is actually false, whether you have no coupons, last is 169 price
  • wjm1987
    Everything was very good, worthy of international hotel brands. great location, around downtown, convenient. hotel facilities were very good, the environment, services, breakfast and so on, are very good, next time.
  • bearpaul
  • bambidd
    Environmental facilities very good, check out self check out machines, Yes.
  • evarao
    It's not bad